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The No1 supplier of bottled Calor Gas, portable gas heaters and autogas throughout the Bolton area

Boltons Bottle Gas is the leading supplier of bottled gas, portable gas heaters and Autogas across the south Lancashire region, supplying Propane, Butane and LPG in various bottle sizes for domestic and commercial use.

If you can’t receive gas through the natural gas mains – particularly common with rural houses – that isn’t to say you can’t have the warmth, comfort and convenience of a normal gas-connected home. Your household can experience all the benefits of gas central heating, instant hot water, living flame fires and gas cookers through Propane gas cylinders or a Propane bulk storage tank.

Both Propane and Butane gas bottles can provide all your home gas needs, whether you require a cylinder for your mobile heater or a large storage tank fuelling all of your heating and cooking needs throughout the household.

If you’re unsure of what sort of gas you need, please get in touch. Our family-run business will be happy to help. Butane is predominately used for mobile heaters whereas Propane is often the answer for domestic heating, cooking and numerous commercial and industrial applications.

We offer a free next day delivery service on all bottled gas and our promise is to always offer competitive prices and great service

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Replacement gas bottles from only £13.00 with FREE same day delivery throughout the Bolton area