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Kearsley in Lancashire was once a busy textile town in the heart of a coal mining area. At the height of the industrial revolution, Kearsley had 15 mines in operation, plus numerous other mills and factories. Today there is virtually no industry left, but Boltons Bottle Gas regularly supplies calor gas to homes and businesses in Kearsley and the surrounding area.

Our customers rely on us to keep them supplied with propane and butane gas for LPG central heating, cookers, space heaters, BBQs and patio heaters. Boltons Bottle Gas operates a delivery service seven days per week, so if you need an urgent delivery of calor gas, give us a call and we will deliver to your home or business within 24 hours. We can also offer regular refills to ensure you stay well stocked up on gas, which is very important if you have an LPG central heating system in your home.

Gas is the preferred fuel for many homes and businesses. Calor gas is clean and environmentally friendly. Unlike oil and solid fuel, calor gas won’t pollute your home with nasty fumes or soot. It is also very flexible and can be used for a wide variety of different purposes. No order is too large or small for us. We can even supply you with gas for a camping stove if you need a refill!

We have a huge number of regular domestic customers in Kearsley, but if you need a bulk order of bottled gas, it won’t be a problem. As a main supplier for British Petroleum we have the capacity to supply bulk orders for larger commercial premises. Our team are specialists in the gas industry and there is nothing we can’t handle, so if you want some advice about anything gas related, give us a call today.