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Westhoughton, like many other towns in the Bolton area, was once heavily industrialised. A hundred years ago the town was a centre for textiles, cotton spinning and coal mining. There is also plenty of history attached to the town – a historic battle was fought there during the English Civil War.

Today Westhoughton is a peaceful place, which is just as well because Boltons Bottle Gas spends a lot of time delivering gas to the homes and businesses there. Our delivery vans operate seven days a week. In most cases you can place an order for calor gas and take delivery within 24 hours. We are always reliable and our family run business has built up an enviable reputation for excellent customer service.

Bottled gas is a popular choice for households and businesses with no access to mains gas. Lots of homes in rural areas rely on calor central heating to the main alternatives: solid fuel or oil. LPG gas is clean and flexible. Large calor gas cylinders can easily be connected to a central heating system and replaced when empty. Simply place an order for gas as soon as you notice your current supply is running low.

Boltons Bottle Gas can also supply small butane and propane gas cylinders for general home and business use. Whether you need a new gas cylinder for your gas BBQ or patio heater or a replacement canister for a winter space heater, we stock all sizes.

If you need any advice, or you want to check the latest prices, give our friendly customer service team a call today.