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Atherton in Greater Manchester has been associated with coal mining and, interestingly, nail manufacture, for centuries. Today the coal mines, nail factories, and textile mills have closed and retail is now the biggest industry in the town. But despite the decline of heavy industry in the area, Atherton is still a thriving little town and Boltons Bottle Gas regularly makes deliveries of bottled gas to homes and businesses in the local area.

Calor LPG is the fuel of choice for homes and businesses in rural areas without access to mains gas. It is a low carbon emission fuel, so as well as enjoying gas central heating and easily controllable cooking, you can also do your bit for the environment. Calor gas is our most popular product. You can use LPG for cooking, heating and fuelling your gas BBQ when the UK weather permits.

We can supply homes and businesses in Atherton with LPG gas in two different forms: butane and propane. Butane gas in bottles is perfect for indoor gas heaters, so if you need to heat a large space in a commercial unit or you want to run a small portable gas heater at home, we recommend that you order bottled butane gas. Bottled propane gas is the gas of choice for LPG central heating and heating. This is typically stored in large tanks outdoors, although we can also supply propane gas in cylinders if this is more suitable for you.

The team at Boltons Bottle Gas are always happy to offer helpful advice if you are new to the world of bottled LPG. We have more than seven years experience supplying calor LPG to homes and businesses in and around Atherton. We offer a 24 hour delivery service, so if you need an urgent delivery or your supplies are running a bit low, give us a call today.