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FAST delivery of portable gas heaters and refill gas bottles in Adlington 

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Whatever the weather, you can rely on Boltons Bottle Gas to supply your LPG and calor gas across Lancashire and Greater Manchester. Adlington is one of our top delivery destinations. It’s a small town near Bolton and as well as being in the middle of our local delivery area, Adlington is also at the heart of the Lancashire textile and coal mining industry. Today, though, the people of Adlington are more likely to be relaxing in front of their gas fire or preparing a nice meal on their gas BBQ than toiling over a loom or heading down the local pit.

We have been supplying the local Adlington population with bottled gas for seven years and have built up a great reputation for competitive prices and excellent customer service. We understand that you need a reliable service, especially during the winter when the weather is cold, so you can buy your calor gas from Boltons Bottle Gas with confidence.

The Boltons Bottle Gas Company supplies all kinds of bottled gas for domestic and commercial use. Bottled gas is perfect for homes without access to mains gas and with LPG you can enjoy the benefits of gas central heating, living flame gas fires, and of course cooking on gas, just like homes that are connected to the mains gas service. We also supply gas for BBQs, mobile heaters and patio heaters.

You don’t have to worry about running out of bottled calor, butane or propane gas when you buy your bottled gas from Boltons Bottle Gas. Our fleet of vehicles can deliver bottled gas straight to your door within 24 hours of you placing an order with us, so if you are running low, give us a call today. And if you need any advice as to which gas to buy, call our friendly customer service team.

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