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From Chapeltown to Chorley, we supply bottled gas right across the south Lancashire region and since 2007, we’ve become one of the leading gas bottle suppliers in the north of England.

We supply propane, butane and LPG in various sizes of bottle and supply gas for camping, patio heaters, forklift trucks, commercial heaters and portable heaters. As main agents for BP Gas you can be sure we only sell quality gas.

If you’re new to LPG, it’s simply a liquefied petroleum gas that can provide all your home gas needs, whether you require a cylinder for a mobile heater or a large storage tank fuelling all of your heating and cooking requirements in the household.

With LPG, your property can experience all the benefits of gas central heating, instant hot water, living flame fires and gas cookers like any other home that’s connected to mains gas.

If you’re unsure of what sort of gas you need, please get in touch. Our family-run business will be happy to help. Butane is predominately used for mobile heaters and usually indoor living whereas Propane is often the answer for domestic heating, cooking and numerous commercial and industrial applications. It’s also the popular choice for BBQs and patio heaters.

Whether you require bottled gas in Chorley or anywhere across the south Lancashire area, we’ll be on hand to help with any query you have – from gas bottle sizes to Butane and Propane gas prices – just ask. We deliver within 24 hours and provide a refill service for when you’re running on empty.